Can I Get An AMEN?

Photo credit   Dawn Huczek  .

Photo credit Dawn Huczek.

Hellloooo, Good News Friday. I've been waiting for you all week.

Let's start off with a partially paralyzed aerial acrobat, what do you say?

Collin had his first experience at a hibachi grill last night. I beg your forgiveness for forgetting my phone and therefore having no pictures to offer. Rest assured, between the fire and the clinking knives and the strange dance music, it was a magical experience for Collin and for everyone who saw him.

The Warrior Hike organization has a program designed to help veterans "Walk Off the War" by leading them on hikes along the Appalachian Trail. Founder Sean Gobin told CNN, "It’s just like a deployment, except instead of going to fight a war, your mission is to be a civilian again."

Have you heard of Mighty Dolls yet? My frightened three year-old niece pointed out some Monster High dolls this week (not linking because I find it too upsetting) and I found myself wishing for something just like these to show her.

It's time to watch my favorite Halloween show of all time. And it's not the Great Pumpkin. (GASP!)

As always, send your good news, beauty, and goodness my way. We need to share.