Happy Monday

I spent Good News Friday up to my eyeballs in The Move, so your good news for the week got bumped to Monday.

We made it! We are officially living in what we hope will be our forever house. It's full to the brim with potential, family love, and way too much stuff.

Last week, Sesame Street introduced Julia, a new character with autism. Sesame Street has always been ahead of the curve, as evidenced by this video that still makes me boohoo. They made a newer version that is just as fantastic.

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"People do not see children like my daughter very often," Jen said. "They don't SEE children with disabilities." High five, Target.

It's campfire time, guys. 

Monday Challenge: Point at Someone. Pointing at people is only rude when you do it the wrong way. Done properly, pointing at someone singles them out in the best possible way. It tells them It's you! You're just the person I wanted to see. And I don't care who knows it. That's a message everyone loves to hear.