Can I Get An Amen?

It's Good News Friday again, and boy do I need it. Between the horrors on the news, sustained lack of sleep, and a bum arm from prying too many carpet tacks, I'm ready for some goodness. 

Somebody was hot and tired by this point of the day.

Somebody was hot and tired by this point of the day.

Collin went on his first field trip! It was a day at the farm complete with his first ride on the school bus, pumpkin picking, a hay ride, a corn maze, and taking feed corn off the cob. Of course the day also included trying to manage potty time with only porta-potties available and navigating lots of terrain unfriendly to wheelchairs. We made it, though, and I think we'll remember it as an empowering experience.

The guy who invented 5 Hour Energy Drink is giving away $4 BILLION dollars he doesn't need in order to address the world energy crisis (among other issues) in innovative ways. I think that deserves a high five.

This 16 year-old Polish artist makes incredible works of art on fallen leaves. Some are absolutely breathtaking.

There is a new Sherlock trailer!!!

This is an oldie but a goody that I like to pull out when I want to be reminded of beauty. Enjoy.

Anything you'd like to share on the next Good News Friday? Send it my way.