Good News Friday

Pardon the red nose. On top of BiPAP reasons, he sometime gets toasty in his classroom.

Pardon the red nose. On top of BiPAP reasons, he sometime gets toasty in his classroom.

- This week, Collin held a pencil by himself for the first time. And drew with it. And tried really hard to trace some H's. I literally cannot explain to you what a big deal this is, but here's the short version: he has sensory aversion to smooth, hard things; he has very little grasping strength; he has extremely limited motor skills (both gross and fine); he has very severely impaired vision. Not to mention the fact that we have never had any way of knowing whether he even understood the concept of letters. And yet here he is, sitting in a chair at a table, holding a pencil and intentionally using it. What the what. 

- Even though I take issue with some of the descriptive language, I mostly love this BBC article about a chimpanzee mother who was observed caring for her disabled child in the wild. Some of her judgments really resonated with me.

- I know most people have seen this video already, but I don't care. I'm a diehard Planet Earth fan. I really, really love David Attenborough. So this fun little experiment with Adele's new video was quite a treat.

- With so much news about dwindling numbers of various animals, you have to love the news that the monarch butterfly population may be quadrupling this year.

- Wow. This group of college kids has invented a way to prevent night terrors. And it works. And they did it in 36 hours. They're recent Kickstarter campaign ended up raising TWENTY TIMES their goal. Amazing. 

Friday Challenge: Stop what you're doing right now and spend five minutes doing something creative and pointless with your hands. Don't use technology. Doodle on a post-it. Brainstorm random ideas. Build something out of paper clips. I promise it's five minutes well spent. Then tell me what you did.