Good News Friday

There is a holiday based entirely on giving thanks: how's that for good news?

Here is a trend worth following: when Kay Brown saw a barefoot woman board the subway, she immediately handed over her own (favorite) boots and walked home in her socks.

Troops recently swarmed the hospital where the Hug Lady was fighting breast cancer. Elizabeth Laird got her nickname because she makes it her business to hug every soldier leaving for or returning from duty in the Fort Hood, Texas area; the soldiers were coming to return the favor.

Researchers have found a simple, noninvasive way to treat victims of traumatic experiences: Tetris.

The Unseen Art project is using 3D prints of classical paintings to allow blind people the chance to experience works of art many sighted people take for granted.

If you haven't watched Mike the hamster eat a carrot yet, you can thank me later.

These doorstops crack me up.

I hope you spend this holiday weekend sharing laughs, loving each other well, and making your own good news.