Good News Friday

The good news from Collin's house is that his mama wrote a book! Just Nicholas tells the story of Nicholas of Myra - how he came to be known as Saint Nicholas and eventually Santa Claus. My incredibly talented sister illustrated it and we're both really proud of it. It's available for preorder and will be on Amazon and in bookstores later this month. Check out this great interview for more details.

Photographer Heather Larkin treats children to these magical photo sessions to transcend their medical and developmental challenges and highlight their beauty. I would love to see something like this for boys. 

Along similar lines, Harvard Medical School is the most recent stop for "Beyond the Diagnosis", an art exhibit featuring children and adults who have rare diseases. From the founder and CEO of the Rare Disease United Foundation, who created the art show: β€œThe world needs to see rare diseases...People need to see our humanity. We are not our disease and we are deserving of treatments.”

I LOVE this story about a Belgian town that has been welcoming and integrating individuals with mental illness for hundreds of years. Not surprisingly, this "communal approach" has a very healing effect.

And how about some stunning beauty to cap things off? Browse this gallery of the 2015 submissions for the National Geographic Photo Contest.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to share your own good news!