Good News Friday

Another week where I kept thinking Phew, I can't wait till Good News Friday.

Giving Tuesday is only in its fourth year, but raised approximately $120 MILLION for charity in one day this week. Wowza.

My birthday was also on Giving Tuesday! Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who granted my birthday wish this year. As you know, I like to string out the festivities as long as possible, so don't think you can't participate just because my birthday is technically over.

Check out this incredible spoon that stabilizes the hand of people with tremors (such as from Parkinson's Disease).

Two police officers surprised an 11 year-old boy with an Xbox after his was stolen.

A young photographer captured people's reactions to being called beautiful. So moving. Be sure to watch the video.

A Very Murray Christmas is on Netflix. 

Hold fast, folks. There is still beauty and goodness all over the place.