It's the Little Things: Zote Soap

There is enough mess in this life that can't be fixed. So when you find a little something that crosses even one item off your list of burdens, condundrums, or annoyances, it's kind of a big deal.

One of the not-so-fun byproducts of Collin's phenomenal diet is that all of our messes are oily in nature. Since his food is primarily fat, there is no window of time in which you can wipe it off and save yourself from a stain. If Collin's food or any of its components touch a piece of fabric, you can count on the dark shadow of a stain when it comes out of the wash.

I tried soaking, washing with white vinegar, switching to various detergents. Not even dish soap worked. Finally, I gave up and tried to just be okay with the discolored blotches at g-tube level on all of Collin's shirts. I started wearing an apron when making his food to try to save my own clothes.

But one year, as a fun Christmas gift, I got a bar of Zote soap with a little scrub brush in a cute container. Little did this person know that she was handing me magic in a tupperware.

Because Zote soap gets everything out. I mean EVERYTHING. All of a sudden, with fairly minimal Zote and water scrubbing, all of the stains came out of Collin's shirts. Even the ones that had been washed and dried many times since the time of staining. One time, I accidentally put a favorite hooded sweatshirt through the wash with a fish oil gel cap in its pocket. Ew. Between the smell and the texture, I choked down a little gag the first time I accidentally stuck my hands in the pockets. But I just turned them inside out, busted out the Zote, and had many wonderful non-fishy years with that hoodie.

On top of its effectiveness, Zote lasts FOREVER. I've had the same bar for over four years. At one point, I took a screw driver to it and split it with my sister. I still have plenty left. It's like a little, wonderful-smelling, pink miracle.

I know I sound like a commercial, but I have no connection with Zote. That is, other than the warmth in my heart toward them. I just know a good thing when I see it and I want to share it with those of you who might have anything laundry-related - ketogenic or otherwise - on your black list. Apply some Zote to that sucker and cross it off.