Why Does Collin Make That Face?

Part of getting to know a person who is very different from you is learning their signals. Someone from another culture or even another generation might use gestures or facial expressions that are hard to understand at first. You might even mistake those actions for something else entirely until time and experience reveal the true meaning.

Collin has lots of these unfamiliar signals. It is very common for people - even people who know him relatively well - to think that he is asleep, that he is yawning, that he is pouting, when he's not. It's an understandable mistake; they are just using their own experiences to try to interpret what they are seeing.

Many of the things Collin does, I don't have a clear answer for either. The things I have figured out come from years of close observation and my killer Mama powers. So, there are a few mystifying things Collin does that we can actually explain.

So why does Collin: make that face?

You know the face. You've seen it in dozens of pictures by this point. Sometimes it seems clear that it's excitement, sometimes you can't quite tell if he even likes whatever is going on. When people see it in person, they often think he is yawning. Because why else would someone open his mouth THAT wide for THAT long?

Think of this as Collin's "Wow Face".

Look at yourself in the mirror and say "wow." Say it like you mean it. Now stop half way through. See? Wow Face.

Some things Collin's Wow Face might mean:

"Wow, that light is bright."

"Wow, that is awesome."

"Wow, that is loud."

"Wow, you scared me."

"Wow, I'm excited."

"Wow, that is way too much."

I get that last one a lot.

Obviously, part of the Wow Face is often rubbing of the ear or bringing his hands up by his face, with some finger-wiggling if things are particularly intense. Sometimes this is a self-calming thing (if it continues once the face is gone), but most of the time it's just part of the gesture, like squinching your eyes when you smile. Try smiling without moving your eyes at all. Weird, right?

So there you go. A small but important piece of the puzzle. Maybe not a corner piece, but definitely an edge piece. Once you can recognize the Wow Face, you have something to build off of in interacting with Collin one-on-one. You can try to figure out what he is saying 'wow' about and either stop it or keep it up.

Is there anything Collin does that you would like interpreted? I can't make any promises that I know the answer either, but I do like to know what other people are curious about.