What We Don't Use

After writing about what a difference it has made for us to not need a carseat anymore, I started to think about other things we no longer use. It's amazing what eliminating even one thing can do for your day. Here are my top three unused items:

1. Pulse Oximeter. When we first got Collin's pulse oximeter, he was having dozens of apnea episodes throughout the night, even with BiPAP. Even with its many false alarms, the pulse ox allowed me to sleep because if it wasn't beeping, I knew Collin was safe. For the last couple of years, though, the only alarms we were getting were for loose or disconnected sensors. So what started as a necessity had become a nuisance. It was interrupting everyone's sleep with no benefit, so we took a deep breath and tried a night without it. Collin slept through the night. It was like very quiet magic. We still keep the pulse ox around for when he's sick (when it is SUPER helpful), but otherwise haven't used it since.

2. Growth Hormone. Long story short: Collin is growing like gangbusters even though his growth hormone dose hasn't increased in years. This leads the endocrinologist to believe that Collin's brain has learned to appropriately secrete its own growth hormone. So, we're taking a two month break from shots in the booty (*fist pump from Collin*), after which we will do blood work to decide whether we can stop for good. Fingers crossed.

Couldn't resist a throwback pic to the bandana era.

Couldn't resist a throwback pic to the bandana era.

3. Bibs. Don't get me wrong, at meals Collin still gets a napkin slung around his neck like he's bellying up to a stack of ribs. But he used to need a bib at all times. He had virtually no awareness of the front of his mouth and couldn't control his saliva. We used baby bibs for as long as possible and then switched over to bandanas when he got too grown up for those. Now, he has much better control most of the time, so we only keep a Norwex cloth handy just in case.

I remember long, long ago when I first realized that we could feed Collin at any rate we chose using a bolus syringe instead of a feeding pump. The feeling of walking out the door without that pump bag was electric. It's still a thrill to leave something in our dust -- the sweet taste of freedom.