Can I Get An Amen? Good News Friday!

Ahhhh. Fall.   Photocredit Paul Bica.

Ahhhh. Fall. 

Photocredit Paul Bica.

Despite the suffering and senselessness of this world, there is -- miraculously -- still goodness and beauty. Let's name it and enjoy it. Brace yourself for exclamation points.

It's Fall! That means special drinks and special crafts and special decorations and all things pumpkin.

We gave our notice at our apartment! That means that, one way or another, we will be moving to our new house within the next month, bringing a three-year saga to a close. Only a thousand more carpet tacks to remove...

There is a new test called ViroCap that can diagnose practically any viral infection on earth and will eventually be able to do the same with bacterial and fungal infections. So often, doctors have to guess which virus they're dealing with based on symptoms, which don't show up the same in everyone. This is huge for medically fragile kiddos, for whom mistakes in diagnosis and delays in treatment are a big, big deal.

Recycling K-cups plus creating jobs for individuals with disabilities? Two gold stars for Garnet Wheaton!

Julie Andrews is eighty years old! That woman is several kinds of awesome.

Anything you would like to share on a Good News Friday? Send it my way.