"Back" to School

It's amazing even to me how many Collin questions can't be answered in a straight-forward way.

What is Collin's diagnosis? Which one?

Can Collin communicate?  Well...

How is Collin doing? Um, good?

So, why would things be any different when it comes to school?

Wait, what grade am I starting today?

Wait, what grade am I starting today?

One thing I'm proud of our family for is not being afraid to mix and match as needed to best meet Collin's needs. Last year, he was homeschooled for kindergarten. His poor immune system and tendency to become easily overwhelmed around other kids kept us from even considering other possibilities. But after having a healthy year and developing a newfound interest in his peers, we decided to start exploring our options.

Our public school system was either unable or unwilling to provide Collin with the supports he needed to safely and fully participate at school. We were disappointed, but not incredibly surprised. So, we kept thinking, and this is what we came up with:

Best bud, Heather, who makes the whole thing possible.

Best bud, Heather, who makes the whole thing possible.

Collin is being homeschooled this year. He is in first grade. As part of his personal development, however, he is attending a program for four and five year olds at a local church three mornings a week. Heather, the world expert in all things Collin, will be with him to assess and meet all of his needs while being his ambassador to the teachers and students. We even got lucky enough to get him in the same classroom as his beloved cousin.

This morning, we dropped Collin off at his new program for the first time. Full disclosure: I had nightmares all night. But whenever I start down the mental spiral of worst-case scenarios, I remember that we can change our mind at any time. Chances are that this will be a wonderful, enriching experience for both Collin and his classmates. But if it's not? We'll change course.