Good News Friday

I unintentionally ended up with a bit of an educational theme this week. Must be because there are so many awesome students and educators out there.

For example, a local restaurant brought in seventy elementary school students this week and treated them to a four course gourmet lunch. My favorite quote: "'I can't believe I'm here.'"

A classroom of third graders switched from chairs to inflatable yoga balls and are seeing great results. Makes me want to go dig mine out of the garage.

The National Honor Society at a high school in Michigan is crocheting sleeping mats out of plastic bags for the homeless in their community.

Hannah Steinberg is a college student running a nonprofit organization that uses extreme couponing skills to accumulate food, supplies, and electronics for next to nothing and then distributes those goods to the needy in her community.

I really love the Monster Project. What a great way to encourage creativity and show kids how a little imagination can turn into something big. The art work is fantastic, but be sure to watch the video at the bottom just to see those kids' faces.

What's your good news?