This Rare Snow Day

It's the second day of our beautiful, fluffy snow-covered yard. There are still no tracks across it.

Because it's hard to take Collin out in the snow. The wheelchair isn't an option. He's hard enough to carry in normal clothes, so I can forget about taking more than a few steps when he's all decked out in snow pants and whatnot. So, with the sled buried somewhere in the we-just-moved abyss of our garage, we have been staying inside.

On the way home from the grocery today, I saw a group of bedraggled kids hauling their wet selves up a hill for another ride down. And it struck me how sad I really am that Collin hasn't been out playing in the snow like pretty much every other almost-seven-year-old. He's perfectly content doing whatever we choose to do, but he would also love being out in the winter.

So tonight, I'm going to dig out our snow tube and pump that sucker up. Tomorrow morning, it will be waiting on the patio so I can throw Collin aboard and head out for some snow adventures.