Good News Friday

Let's remember why we do this on Fridays. It's not just to make ourselves feel better. It's not a pick-me-up. It's a reminder that, in the face of horror and despair and stress and calamity and meanness, there is always, always beauty and hope.

Check out this amazing story about a woman who has a rare genetic disease and has been her own advocate her entire life. As a side effect of her diligence, she is changing the course of genetic medicine. (Thanks for sending this my way, Laura!)

I am, admittedly, not a serious football fan, but the news about Kathryn Smith coming on as a full time assistant coach for the Buffalo Bills did get me excited. 

There are all kinds of new, innovative ways people are trying to serve the homeless population in the United States and one that I find intriguing is by joining the tiny house movement. A new Tiny House Village (how's that for a fantastic name?) just opened in Seattle and I've read of similar projects in Tennessee and Texas. 

This Wednesday was Penguin Awareness Day (?!?!). In honor of our beloved Heather and her love of all things penguin, check this out.

You know what's fantastic?  Frozen pants. (Reminds me of this great Dr. Seuss story.)

You know what's incredible? The Northern Lights from space. (Imma gonna see them some day. From the ground, though.)

Make your own good news this weekend, everybody.