Good News Friday

We kind of jumped the gun on Good News Friday when Collin decided to take off in his gait trainer earlier this week. Then, in a welcome twist, the one we had ordered for him months ago showed up the very next night! Watch out, base boards!

Lego will soon unveil a minifigure who uses a wheelchair! Welcome to the world of people-don't-all-look-the-same, Lego! It's awesome here!

Need a dose of beauty? Check out these 21 incredible wildlife photos. My favorites are "Jump in Heaven" and "Etosha".

A recent inquiry by the Justice Department into Georgia's special education system "will force many school districts to reexamine whether they are unlawfully segregating students with disabilities." This has the possibility of being good for all involved.

Bravo, Baltimore! After last week's record snowfall, the city hired teens to shovel snow for the elderly and disabled. 

Keep making and finding your own good news, guys.