Rebuilding Week

I did a quick calculation and the percentage of time we spent in our pajamas over Christmas Break falls somewhere in the 70-80 range. 

After months of more-than-is-probably-healthy change and all of the accompanying stress, we were all running on fumes. We half-heartedly tossed around ideas for Christmas Break activities but finally admitted the truth: what we really wanted to do was nothing.

We called it our Rebuilding Week. We slept late, went to bed early, and took naps in between. We watched Star Wars and animated movies and avoided the news. We took walks outside but didn't work out even once or do any therapy. We cooked as little as possible and didn't put much thought into our food choices. There was a lot of puttering, even more reading, and therapeutic doses of cuddling.

As the week went on, Collin slowly started sleeping less and smiling more. He showed interest in more books and toys. He seemed more himself. I felt less irritable and grouchy. Less fragile. I was more present and less anxious. More myself. It had worked; we had rebuilt.

And when Monday morning came, I didn't dread it. Collin got up before his 'alarm' and laughed and kicked the whole way to school. I took on the return of routine with energy and even some excitement. It was one of the most refreshing starts to a new year I can remember.

How about you? Do you need to do some rebuilding?