Good News Friday

Let's start off our weekend with some good news, shall we?

I stopped talking about politics a long time ago. So few people really want to have a conversation that it didn't seem worth my energy. I'm not interested in bullies or sermons, thank you very much. But now there is Pantsuit Politics and a tiny hope has surfaced within me. Maybe it IS possible to talk about important things without yelling or crying or leaving the room. On the show, two women from opposite ends of the political spectrum address major issues head on with intelligence and grace and passion. It's a wonder. Aside from the fact that I know Sarah and Beth from way back (they truly are as bright and lovely as they seem), I feel better and more well-rounded for tuning in.

Did you hear about what Chick-fil-A is doing?! Take note, Restaurants Everywhere!

Collin visited the endocrinologist Monday and is STILL GROWING even though he hasn't taken growth hormone for six months. So not only do we get to continue with no shots, we also get to bump down to the Once-A-Year Club. Woot! Looks like growth hormone insufficiency isn't as static as many experts claim. Imagine that.

We're finally supposed to get our first real snow in Louisville this weekend! Bring it! Collin has some snow pants he's dying to break in!

Have a great weekend, everyone.