Good News Friday

Happy Friday, everyone. Let's keep on sharing the good news. Not to deny the bad and hard things, but to keep them in their place.

Collin's gait trainer is here, it's adjusted properly, and he never wants to get out of it. Post with pictures and video to come soon.

The concept behind The Nature Connection is so beautiful it makes me choke: bringing nature to those who can't go out into nature.

Seven year-old Gina has autism and a killer singing voice. She's also a little bit of a ham in front of a crowd, which I love.

Refoundry "trains formerly incarcerated people to refurbish and repurpose discarded materials into one-of-a-kind home furnishings." Further, the organization provides long term support and guidance for developing their own business. Talk about a redemption story.

Gimme your good news.