Good News Friday

Phew. I'm tired, guys. Collin's strange health issues ended up lingering, so this week was long and slow and stressful and it ground me down. 

But the GOOD news is that he's much more himself today and is able to go see his friends at school. Everyone has been missing each other.

This program is mutually beneficial to early readers and scared shelter animals and it is one of the more beautiful things I've seen recently.

These six women who basically ushered in the digital revolution as the first ever computer programmers are finally being recognized.

Oh. Em. Jee. This is a bed and breakfast. In Scotland. In a book shop. And if you stay there, you get to/have to run the shop.

How about a baby bunny on a skateboard wheelchair?

And an amazing therapy cat?

Thank God for good news, big and small.