Do Special Things

I had a cookie for breakfast today. I don't usually. I'm more of an eggs-for-breakfast kind of girl. And plus, cookies are for dessert, not for breakfast, right?

Except that these perfectly crunchy and buttery gluten-free shortbread cookies I made yesterday were calling my name this morning. They were saying Do something special.

I've learned that this is a key for me. The days get so, so long sometimes with the therapy and the phone calls and the meeting of the many physical needs. But a special thing has the power to break up the monotony and break the spell of discouragement.

Some special things I work into my daily routine: I make myself a fancy pour-over cup of excellent coffee in the morning; I turn on my desk fountain when I work; I light a candle while I read.

Other special things, like cookies for breakfast, are special precisely because they don't happen everyday. When they present themselves, you just have to be brave enough to receive them. That means no guilt and no scarfing, only enjoyment and gratitude.