Good News Friday

In honor of Collin's new love for the gait trainer, this week's good news is all about gear that allows people to go places and do things they couldn't before.

The HexHog is an all-terrain wheelchair that can offroad pretty much anywhere. And it looks wicked cool. 

How about an ice glider that allows people who use wheelchairs to ice skate?

I found both of these cool inventions through UD GoBabyGo, a program at the University of Delaware that adapts ride-on cars for kids with various kinds and degrees of disability.

I've been following Caroline's Cart for years and petitioning my local grocery stores for just as long to carry these simple and empowering inventions. (No luck so far.) So, I was thrilled this week to learn that, starting in March, almost all Targets will have at least one Caroline's Cart available for use. Just the thought makes me tear up. I can't tell you how hard it is to go shopping with Collin and how many times I've had to make arrangements to go without him because I needed more than will fit in a small basket. Bravo, Target.

Finally, maybe the best things about these inventions are that they were dreamed up by kids. A British inventor asked almost 500 kids to submit ideas, then took their drawings and, together with local manufacturers, made them a reality. I love the thoughtfulness and imagination. Be sure to check out the Phone Friend, which makes phone booths accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs.

What enabling gear do you know of that I missed here?