Good News Friday

Sorry for the radio silence these past two weeks. I felt terrible for the first week and spent the second week getting my bearings again. 

During that time, I also had more than my share of goodness:

- My parents packed up and drove 100 miles to do my cooking and cleaning and errands for a week. I got to be the daughter and even though I felt like garbage, it was heavenly.

- I came home from errands earlier this week and found that one of my neighbors had meticulously mowed our lawn without leaving a note identifying themselves.

- It was supposed to rain at some point Thursday and we don't have a covered area on our stoop, so my mailman put my three packages in a trash bag and tied the top in a fancy, easy-to-untie knot.

And then there are the beauties beyond my little sphere:

- Gorgeous, ingenious land art.

- And cherry blossoms in Japan.

We suffer and darkness threatens, guys, but spring keeps coming and renewal keeps happening. Good news always comes.