Cocktail Hour

For me, one of the hardest things about being a work-at-home mom is the lack of structure. The writing/editing part of my job blurs with the cooking/cleaning/therapy/medical care/advocacy part in what feels like a neverending string of tasks and needs. I love what I do, but I prefer work with a beginning and an end. Other than waking up and going to sleep.

Recently, I've started a daily ritual that has helped with this struggle: Cocktail Hour. Around 5:00pm, I put down whatever I'm doing. I make sure Collin is comfortable and entertained. And I go fix myself a drink in a pretty glass.

Usually, it's just kombucha in a champagne flute or juice and sparkling water in a coupe. Sometimes it's the real deal. If I'm starving, I'll munch on some plantain chips or my homemade roasted nut mix. And for a few minutes, I do something enjoyable and preferably pointless. 

Then I move on to making dinner or finishing an editing session.

Because Cocktail Hour isn't my gateway to free time. It doesn't function like quitting time - that's just not realistic at this point in my life, or maybe ever. It acts more as a reminder. That I am a grown up. I am a person not only with responsibilities, but also with interests. My life isn't only about productivity, it's also about beauty and fun.