Story Time

This is the story of some glucose strips. That we need. But cannot get.

Because Collin is on the ketogenic diet, we monitor his blood glucose and ketone levels daily to ensure his health and safety. This is especially crucial during times of illness, not only because blood levels can go awry during sickness, but also because those blood levels provide a valuable clue to us as to what may be going on. So, glucose strips would have been particularly useful during Collin's mysterious illness earlier this week. Too bad we didn't have any.

We have used the same glucose strips for five years. However this year, our insurance company (which has also been the same during those five years) decided that it now had a 'preferred brand', which was not the one we use. I'm sure this move had nothing to do with any kind of financial deal struck between the two companies.

However, you can't use different brands of strips in the same monitor. So we would need to get a new monitor. Except the new monitor doesn't support ketone strips. Which are nonnegotiable. 

So we need the dreaded 'prior approval'. This requires the doctor's office to call the insurance company and simply say, "Collin needs to stick with the strips he's using because he also needs ketone strips for medical reasons." That's it.

I won't bore you with the dozens of phone calls or the multiple failed faxes or the truly impressive passing-of-the-buck by various people. I'll just say this: no one can seem to manage it.

So that poor box of glucose strips sits languishing at the pharmacy, a few feet away from where I stand when I go discuss things with the pharmacist regularly. I could take them home for a mere $200, but I have this crazy idea that the insurance company who has been paying for them for five years should continue to do so. 

And, make no mistake, they will.